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Sold On Staging offers a variety of services, including services to help you sell your real estate faster and for more money, services to help you sell your vacant home and services to help you redesign your existing home. In addition, Sold On Staging also provides the following:

Professional Shopping

Too busy to find the right accessories or just not sure what your home needs? We can do it for you. We carry a large inventory of accents, like lamps, vases, pillows, fun pieces and accent rugs to beautify your home and stay within your budget. If we don’t have what you need we will gladly source it out for you.

Move-In Service

After unpacking we will be there to arrange your furnishing and display your art pieces in your new space. Maybe it’s just a matter of helping you get started. We can help you with any decorating concerns you might have. We specialize in using your existing furnishing in your new space. We will place your furnishing and pictures so you can get settled in your new home quickly and without any stress.


Moving to a smaller space means time to decide what to keep. It is not always easy trying to decide what to keep so we can provide a consultation to help you.


Art Placement

Not sure what to do with your artwork? Need a fresh look? We will artistically display your treasured photos and artwork. Placement of artwork is professionally arranged to showcase their beauty.

Interior Decorating

We can transform your room to show your true personality. Expect great results that will provide you with a tranquil retreat. Services $75.00 per hour.

Do you have a need related to moving, real estate or redesign? Sold On Staging and their team of professionals can help solve your real estate related problems.


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