As soon as you make the decision to list your home get ready to invest some time and efforts into creating an attractive curb appeal.  So what is curb appeal?  It is making your yard an oasis that potential buyers will respond to emotionally.  Curb appeal applies in all the seasons.  I will focus on summer for this blog as it is the season at hand here where I live on the West Coast of Canada.  I have a list that I recommend to my clients that live in an area where we are fortunate to have little watering restrictions.  If you have lawn I strongly recommend keeping it watered.   It just looks so much better than burnt out grass.   Some recommendations are as follows:

  1. Hang hanging baskets, but remember to water them every morning and twice a day when hot!
  2. Keep grass cut
  3. Deadhead flowers
  4. Power wash patios, walkways, driveways
  5. Paint fence
  6. Create a seating area with an indoor/outdoor rug and bistro set
  7. If your front door is white consider painting it so that it pops
  8. Keep bushes, trees, plants trimmed
  9. Remove garden ornaments( see photo below)
  10. Replace worn front door mat with new one
  11. Add a wreath to the front door
  12. Install uplighting in the yard
  13. Remove children’s and dog’s toys
  14. Keep everything neat and tidy

Remember first impressions start at the curb.  Potential buyers buy with their emotions!!  You don’t need a green thumb to create great curb appeal, but if you aren’t a gardener than I recommend hiring one!!  Your investment will pay off!!


Less is More!

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