When selling your home you a likely selling your largest asset.  It is in your best interest to prepare it for sale in the best way possible to maximize for profit.  What comes to mind to most sellers today is to declutter.  That is just one component of preparing your home to sell.  Most sellers will declutter, paint, and spruce up the front yard.  But wait you are missing a very important step.  Really, really, look long and hard at your furniture.  Is it dated or worn?  Sometimes we can’t see what is right before us and this is where an objective person comes in.   I mean who really wants to get ride of their favourite chair that you’ve had for 25 years or the foot stool that never did match.  Selling your home requires that you detach from it.  It is now a product for sale and no longer your home.    Think about your buying habits.  Most of us don’t furnish our homes room by room.  We may pick up a sofa and forget the coffee table because, well we just spent $1500.00 on the sofa.  This is how we live but this is NOT how we sell.  Staging will set your home apart.  Stagers will transform your home so it show like a model home.  Guess what?  Buyer always want to buy the show suite. Even in a hot market you position your home to get multiple offers by staging it.  Dress For Success!

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