Think you can’t afford to stage? Check out this story:

Staged home vs. Non Staged home:

First couple

Bob & Sally both in their senior years had retired to a small home far from any family or relatives. Health started to become an issue and the couple decided to move closer to family. They contacted a realtor and listed their home for sale at $468,000.00. The couple were unable to sell the home after one month and decided to lower the price by $10,000.00. At this point the stress of selling and moving was starting to wear on them. They felt no other option but to lower the price for a quicker sale. Another month passed and there was no concrete offers so they lowered the price $5,000.00 this time. Sure enough the house sold within 2 weeks for $453,000.00, $15,000.00 less than what they had it listed for. So they were short $15,000.00 out of pocket. Not a good ending to their story. Staging cost would have been approximately $2,500.00. Less than their first price reduction!

Second couple

The second couple Betty and Frank lived on the next street in the same neighbourhood. They hired a certified stager before contacting their realtor. Thus allowing the stager time to set the stage, so to speak. With the staging complete the realtor would get a good first impression and know that the house was market ready, meaning it would sell fast and at a good price. The home is staged and the stress of getting it market ready taken care of by the SOS Team. The home shows well at the open houses and also on the internet. Remember the internet is where most home browsing in done. The staged house shows well in photos on the internet, making a great first impression.

The home sells in 2 weeks for the asking price of $499,000.00. The cost of staging is $2,500. The couple saved $7500.00 by hiring the SOS Team.

No price reduction was required and the couple had a quick sale and got their asking price as well.

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