girls bedroom (1)The fundamental reasons for staging are the same, no matter what the market is. Professionally staged homes shows better regardless of the market. They show better in person, they also photograph better and they show better online. You stage a property in order to drive up buyer traffic, possibly resulting in multiple offers. Staging helps potential buyers connect to the home. For instance when a buyer walks into a staged home they will likely feel emotionally connected. A staged home is warm, it feels move-in ready. In some areas clients will place offers on homes before even seeing them in person, so it is vital to have a professionally staged property with professional photos. If a realtor does not think a home shows well , he or she may pass on the listing to one he believes will sell quickly, or she may compare it to a house that has been staged and shows well. Staging is about selling a lifestyle. Staging an outdoor space is as equally important as staging the indoors. Staging is not decorating. It is about appealing to the greatest number of buyers and selling the house quickly, for top dollar, regardless of the housing market.

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