What is staging?

The fundamental reasons for staging are the same, no matter what the market is. Professionally staged homes shows better regardless of the market. They show better in person, they also photograph better and they show better online. Homes that are staged with a Professional Home Stager show better and in todays market and can bring you full asking price and multiple offers. This is because staging sets the scene throughout the house and property to create immediate buyer interest in your property.

  • The way you live in your home is not usually market ready.  Staging will give you the edge in a very competitive market.
  • Statistics show that a staged home on average will sell faster and for more money.
  • Did you know that the first impression either makes or breaks the sale of your property?  It only takes 8 seconds to decide if the house is right for a potential buyer!

It is proven that staging works.  Why wouldn’t you want to sell your home in less time and at a greater profit?

We strongly recommend that you contact us before contacting a real estate agent. This allows us time to get the house market ready which in turn will provide you with great pictures for the internet.  90% of buyers shop online before contacting a real estate agent.

Walk & Talk Consultation for Occupied Homes

At the consultation, referred to as the “Walk & Talk”, I view your home for two hours. I make recommendations on how to maximize your home to appeal to a potential buyer. I also might suggest furniture rental and/or accessories.  Starting at $199.00 consultation fee for 2,000 sq ft home or less.

Staging for Occupied Homes

Our team will stage the home using your furniture as much as possible.  We will supplement your furniture, artwork and decor if the home requires it.  Our team can transform your home within one day to appeal to potential buyers. We inject the WOW factor!  This is what sells the home. Prices are determined once the home is viewed by our team.  Staging is an investment. We offer home staging services within 5 business days of booking.

Vacant Staging

A space without furniture is difficult to sell. Most people can’t visualize the possibilities of furniture placement, particularly in small spaces or odd shaped rooms. A staged home will show the potential buyers that you are not desperate to sell and will get you the right price for you home. The home will feel more inviting and have an emotional connection which will draw the buyer in. This level of service is for staging a vacant or model home.  More info

Why Should You Hire a Professional?

You will get Professional results.  We will first discuss your budget and timeframe. We will arrive at your home to provide the consultation. We will prepare a cost estimate for your approval, describing the scope of work, a project plan and all the associated costs, including furniture and accessories rental, if needed. Depending on your budget, you may be asked to make your home ready for staging by making minor repairs, painting, removing and packing certain items, or storing un-needed pieces of furniture, although we can arrange for these services. It might be necessary to bringing in new accessories, such as lamps or pictures. We will also rearrange furniture and if required we will recommend that you rent suitable furniture to optimize your selling potential.

What happens during the staging process?

The team at Sold On Staging will arrive at your home. This can usually be done in a few days depending on the scope of work needed. A Sold On Staging professional will do the actual work of staging by repositioning furniture to create flow in the room, hang artwork so the room will be cohesive and look beautiful.  Nothing is done without taking into consideration your budget and any special requests you might have.  Upon completion, your home will be Open House and MLS ready.

How much will staging cost?

The fees for staging are based on the size of the house and the amount of staging that will be required. The fee will be disclosed upon viewing of the property.

What happens if I don’t stage my home?

When a home doesn’t sell, the first course of action is more often than not to lower the price – often by thousands of dollars. Thousands of dollars out of YOUR pocket. There is a better way – a better way for your pocket book: Staging. A well-staged home is designed to appeal to the widest spectrum of buyers. A well-staged home will connect with your potential buyers on an emotional level, maximizing your chances of selling your home for the best price.

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