Buying Outdoor Furniture

Bistro setConfused about what material suits your needs? You’ll find outdoor furniture in a wide variety of materials. Plastics are affordable, but lasts only a few seasons as colours tend to fade and the materials become brittle and break.  You might consider metal furniture.  There are two types of metal outdoor furniture available. Lightweight, rustproof, and low-cost aluminum is easy to transport. I just purchased this 3 piece bistro set in this material but because it is light I placed it in an area that is sheltered. Check it out, it even has a wine bucket! Some of the cast aluminum pieces feature powder-coated and long-lasting finishes. Wrought-iron is a better choice over the aluminum if the furniture is exposed to high winds. It will likely need to be repainted to deter rust.

Another option to consider is wood furniture. There are numerous weather-resistant woods you can choose, including teak and cedar. Leave wood furniture untreated to weather to a grey finish or plan to lightly sand the surface and seal the wood now and then to retain its colour. Wood furnishings tend to be heavy so they’re not pieces that you will want to reposition.

You will find that weather-resistant patio furniture is all the rage these days. They are popular because they are lightweight and can stand up to the elements. For those that want to bring the indoors out, yes I said indoors out. You can use your real wicker chairs on the patio, but only in a protected area as they do not like rain.

Cushions and decorative pillows will complete the look. I prefer Sunbrella cushions and pillows as they come in weather-hardy fabrics treated to resist fading and moisture. ( I recommend storing cushions and pillows whenever they’re not in use so they last longer.

June is the best time to buy outdoor furniture. You can find sales of up to 40% off in some stores.   There is still enough stock on the floor in June, but after July 1st the stock has been picked over.  Happy shopping!