Top Ten Tips to Sell Your Home

1. The space needs to be neutral
Painting is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to do this.  Neutralizing color will go with any potential buyer’s decor.  This means the house is move-in ready.  63% of people will pay more for a house that is a move-in ready house.
2. Flooring needs to be current and in good shape

A cost effective replacement option is carpeting.  Carpet is less expensive than vinyl, tile, laminate or hardwood.  Again, neutral flooring needs to be installed.  Today’s homebuyers are looking for hardwood flooring and generally these homes sell faster.

3. Buyers today are looking for ample storage space

This means that you will need to pack away and store out of season items.  Go through every closet and remove 2/3 of your items you have stored there.  Do this for the kitchen and bathroom drawers and cupboards.

4. Depersonalize your home

Yes, we have all heard this one.  It is more than just removing your family photos.  It is removing all the things that emotionally block a buyer from connecting to feeling it is a home they can picture themselves living in.  Buyers need to feel an emotional connection in order to buy a house.

5. De-clutter your home

Yes, we have all heard this one too.  Decluttering to live in is very different from decluttering to move.

6. Remove odours

If a buyer smells offensive odours they will immediately not feel that they want to live there.  You must eliminate all offensive odours.  This includes last night’s fish dinner, smoking odours, and pet odours.  Buyers make a decision about a home within the first few minutes.  Remember buyers buy based on an emotional connection to the home.

7. Upgrade lighting fixtures

Upgrade lighting fixtures to what is the current trend.

8. Upgrade the kitchen

If these rooms are not comparable to other homes in your area that are on the market then you can expect a lower price.  Buyers today prefer granite counter tops.  Consider replacing your 20-year-old tile and grout countertops with a new less expensive option than slab granite.  You can get a comparable look by using granite tile and it will not break your budget.  Finish the upgrade by adding a new faucet and hardware.  If your appliances are showing their age, then consider replacing them.  Your real estate agent can advertize that the kitchen has been updated and has new appliances.

9. Improve Curb appeal

Replace or paint the front door.  Painting the front door in a bold color will increase the overall curb appeal.  you want the front door to say “Welcome.”  Add a new welcome mat.  Do not buy a welcome mat that says “GO AWAY or WIPE YOUR PAWS.”  In the spring/summer place potted plants at the front door.  Place a bistro set at the front entrance.  Clean up the yard.  Remove any unhealthy and overgrown shrubs.  Keep the lawn trimmed and green.

10. Have your home market ready before contacting the realtor

Interview at least two realtors before selecting the best fit for you.  Never choose a realtor based on the highest selling price quoted for your home.

Trust Sold On Staging

In 2011, Vicki Lerch founded Sold On Staging, a home staging company servicing the central Vancouver Island area.  Sold On Staging offers a variety of real estate and staging related services.

Sold On Staging founder Vicki Lerch is a Certified Redesign & Staging Specialist (CRSS TM) and an award-winning stager.

She specializes in Vacant Home Staging.  Vicki is also a member of the International Real Estate Staging Association (RESA TM).  RESA is an International Community of Professional Stagers working together to advance professionalism and excellence in Real Estate Staging.  Home sellers and real estate agents count on Vicki’s training and expertise as a Certified Stager.

So you can’t afford to stage?  Think again!

Property listed for $459,000.00

Dropped $5,000.00 after 1 month on the market
Dropped $10,000.00 after another month on the market.
Staging costs less than the first price reduction.  Staged homes sell faster and for more money.  Don’t miss out on making that First Impression count!  You only have one chance to make a good first impression.

Contact Sold On Staging for a consultation when considering selling and optimize your selling potential.  A Professional Stager can set your home apart from the competition resulting in a fast sale for more money.

Vicki Lerch
Sold On Staging
Top Ten Professional Stager, Canada
“Leaders in Vacant Staging”

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